James Francis DeVoge III

Translation, Localization and Proofreading Services

French/Spanish -> English

With extensive professional experience prior to entering the translating field, I offer a range of language services that are backed up by real-world problem solving and interaction. While my mother tongue is American English, I have worked on projects focused on specific regional varieties of English and texts adapted to a wider English-speaking audience.

I have also provided expertise concerning culture-specific aspects of adaptations of various texts in both literature and technical reports.

I continue to expand my working languages, seeking opportunities to speak, write and interact in Spanish, and am currently studying Italian. I also seek to expand my domains of expertise. Since I began translation, my work has focused on financial reporting, IT governance and security, and corporate social responsibility. I would be interested in finding projects covering sustainable development, various technical domains in IT, as well as nutrition, food processing, safety and cooking. New domains are always welcome. 

Beyond translation and proofreading, I have participated in localization and adaptation projects in various fields and using different types of media. My experience with various IT tools enhances my flexibility for this type of work. 

For more information about my work and experience, please do not hesitate to contact me.